Passing The Stone


February 12, 2018

The devious enthrallment had allowed such abject pauses in my speech—serpentine in nature, slithering in its subtlety—obsequious in tone, alive without hesitance, and the moment was mirrored with
incessant snickering.
The elucidation began with lucid sedation: the cold sterile needle penetrated slowly my gasping vein, pacifying a brutal beast—nefarious in its nuances and
weary of vociferous ventures: you stand and I attack…you kiss and I kiss back…what listeners you make when gargling through crimson bubbles and a leather strap.


The dissonance was bowing through the broken back of a looming cello
with its lugubrious moaning


As I trembled fractiously beside a cold toilet
displaying a grimace that rippled tormentedly and confirmed my inevitable mortality.


With its somber singing voice, the fallen seraph who kept watch, lamented in a faint groan
and understood the crawling that was
taking place.


Almost losing all
my breath from
the uninvited guest exiting,
I curled fetus on the floor
and growled vile
before they carried me


trip to the emergency


The benevolent agent in the opiate fought
efficaciously and swiftly amid the cringing corpus— the decaying vehicle
that unwillingly
Moves forth.
My pleas were driven by a prepubescent and peremptory wraith that continues to try all things, prove all things, and holds not to that which is good.
A boy—me at seven—and the man
of thirty-three , a siamese twin with one
the Ghost, the other the
the Host.
Nonetheless, I howl through
fog that I’ve caressed; the carrying of an agony
as my burning cross; the laughing of a child
in our midst;
the summoning of
of images from memories
of my mother dripping wet;


And deception of
a priest who
abstained from meats
guilty of defiling
siblings in the flood.


And where I once let my uplifting spirits
take their throne, I coiled quietly
gazing at the silver in your crest
thinking of a home
supplicating for the spike
in hopes that it may be justified
if tomorrow I prove to be of similar




February 14, 2018